Value Statements

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is currently serving his third term in the Minnesota Senate representing Cass, Morrison, Todd, and Wadena counties. Gazelka was the Ranking Republican on the Commerce Committee and a member of the Taxes Committee in the 2015-2016 biennium. Born in St. Paul, he attended Roosevelt High School in Virginia, MN, the University of Minnesota Duluth, and graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Business Management degree. He currently owns a small business in Baxter.
Before being elected to the Minnesota Senate, Gazelka served one term in the Minnesota House, as President of the Madison, MN Chamber of Commerce, and as President of the Madison Kiwanis Club. He was also the President of Heartland Christian Academy in Bemidji. Gazelka and his wife have five children, five grandchildren, and are active in their local church.

“Does this make sense to the average Minnesotan” and “is this best for our children’s future” are the two beginning questions when approaching problems.


Does it make sense that the government, either state or national, should determine the quality of my health care? Does the government do anything cheaper than the private sector? NO We need health care reform that lowers the cost of health insurance by enacting sweeping tort/liability reform, market choices, insurance reform, and tax incentives so that middle class families can afford health insurance.


Does it make sense that the government squanders piles of money bailing out failing businesses and attempting to make jobs that are always best made by the private sector? NO We need job growth legislation that makes our state a place that businesses both large and small want to come and do business. We must start with lower business taxes and continue by cutting all the red tape surrounding small business endeavors.


Does it make sense that education decisions are put into the hands of bureaucrats to determine what’s best for our children? NO We need k-12 education policy that respects parent’s choice, is funded fairly, and insists on local control.


Does it make sense to allow welfare recipients to use EBT (welfare) cards for tobacco, alcohol, etc..? Does it make sense that families are on welfare for two, three, four, or more generations? NO. We need to reform welfare to help families break the cycle of poverty. Work and accountability must be a part of the solution.


Does it make sense to allow cities to have sanctuary laws that tie the hands of law enforcement officers and protects illegal aliens? NO Repeal sanctuary city ordinances and empower law enforcement to uphold our laws.


We must not enact more government programs than we can pay for. We ask everyone else to live within their means, government must do the same. We must ease the tax burden on all taxpaying citizens, we can only do this by cutting government waste and eliminating unnecessary programs.


We must expect our citizens to be responsible for their lives and life choices. In return, we must allow our people to enjoy the freedom to live their lives as they choose. We must protect 2nd amendment rights, and the right to enjoy personal property. We must be aware that anything we ask the government to do for us requires us to trade in a piece of our freedom.


We know that children are best raised with mom and dad, living together in a happy, healthy, life-long marriage. We must help families become more successful at reaching this goal. At the same time, we must help those families who find themselves in a wounded place. Pro –life decisions should be praised, and then we need to help that new family to become successful. We need to help provide positive alternatives, helping the faith-based community do what they do best, help people overcome difficult situations.


We need to pass laws that deter crime and give police what they need to effectively fight crime. One piece of legislation can make a huge difference. For example, when we made it illegal to buy pseudoephedrine over the counter, it virtually completely shut down meth labs in our state. We need to continue to support our troops, and make sure the veterans are praised and take care of for putting themselves in harm’s way.

Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage